A PIC12F683 development board to get you starting

In order to explore the potential of the PIC12F683 microcontroller Raj built his own PIC development board using few components populating a 12 x 8 cm prototyping board. For some people it’s just a simple project placed on a plate with lots of holes, for some it’s just a generalized break out board for the PIC12F683. But guess what? This generalized piece of plate with lots of hole in it is packed up with feature of which some development boards could only dream of having.

It’s powered by a +5V regulated power supply, has three output LEDs that can be tapped to any GPIO ports using jumpers, also has a power switch to take things on and off, a green LED power indicator, a socket for the PIC12F683 – means no disordering when replacing the microcontroller, two potentiometers if you want to play with analog signals – one for reference while the other is for input, an ICSP header – no need to detach the microcontroller when programming, two switches for input, a TTL to RS232 level shifter, a piezo buzzer and a DC motor driving circuit – All the things you need to start your experiments.

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  1. Can you email me the material list, steps in completing this board, working code and any useful informations on this? I want to build the same too?

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