A meteorologically triggered color changing ball using an arduino

Subtle changes meteorological conditions like temperature, humidity and precipitation can hardly be noticed by just feeling the surroundings. One can’t immediately sense the hotness of the weather by viewing digital displays. The weather beacon serves as an intuitive solution to this dilemma, combining three metrological parameters and displaying them as a single color which not only gives more feel to the weather but also adds attractiveness to ones backyard weather station.

Its creator calls it the WeatherBeacon, it’s not the first of its kind as a weather indicator but instead of using numerical displays it uses colors to indicate weather conditions. It wirelessly receives RGB data from a backyard weather station through Xbee. An arduino microcontroller then pumps these data into a LED array giving the ball different colors depending on the current weather conditions. The WeatherBeacon’s display is updated once every minute with fresh RGB data from the WeatherBeaconHub which also provides diagnostic and test information to the WeatherBeacon.

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