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A DIY Polar Plotter

A polar plotter is an Arduino based plotter that has an advantage of being portable and still being accurate. Apart from being portable it looks really beautiful and powerful enough to use and is a lot faster than traditional plotter. The code of this project comprises of two parts, the Arduino project that controls the plotter and other being a java project used for generating font-data in a format readable by the Arduino program.

The plotter is powered by an Arduino Uno along with two heavyweight stepper motor which seems to be producing a lot of sound. Apart from this, it features a complex looking, but easy to make mechanical system which also include gears. There are also push buttons provided for arm extension and also rotation and also to trigger the plotter. The Arduino program implements sort of the Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm. In the implementation, each line segment is split into 1/8mm in the least steep direction which makes it easier for the plotter to draw smooth lines. The plotter is amazingly fast, considering the size of it.

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