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9 Tips for Nebulizing the Young Ones

Kids are adorable. They are the most loveable thing to be present on this planet earth. It’s like god has sent angels on the planet so that people could learn how to love and how not to hate. The young ones who are perhaps the most affable thing on this planet. So, what happens when these small wonders fall ill? It for sure looks bad and one whether connected or not just wants to have them walk over the pain. And that is why we have come these nebulization tips for your young ones.

Today’s air is no good for young ones. The dust, the pollution, the smoke, all have adverse effect. So just to keep your child healthy and fit and having them not be in pain once being nebulized, here are some of the tips that you can bring in handy.

The 9 magic Tips

  1. Timing is all that matters. If you are planning to have him nebulized at a time when his favorite show is on, or that he has friends waiting for a game with him, believe us it is a bad idea. Have him administer it when most relaxed. Use the time to read a book with your child, or let him watch a few minutes of their favorite television show.
  2. Don’t dance around. Yes if you are running with that machine in your hand, one room to another, every single day then your child may it is funny or something done of ease. What you can though do is have a spot fixed to bring to more of seriousness. Then it will become a regular part of your child’s routine. Bring on some fun by making a game out of using the nebulizer.
  3. Either you can scare him away from the machine or simply have him befriend it. Make sure that your child knows how to operate the device. This is far better than you making him scared of it. The more comfortable he is with the instrument the better. If he is young and cannot be trusted to the least allow him to help you put the mask on and turn the machine on and off.
  4. Toddlers can be really difficult in situations. For better administration of the oxygen have them placed higher than the machine. Keep a fair distance from the device and for some distraction have their favorite toys placed around. Make sure they are not big or you may pretty much have to keep them away from the mask.
  5. To your rescue are the display gadgets. Have an iPhone or iPad? Allow them to play Angry Birds or a similar kid-friendly app. Or allow them to watch their favorite movie.
  6. In between treatments allow the baby to play with the mask. Put the nebulizer on from time to time but don’t give a treatment. That will help the baby associate those things with play and something not to be concerned with.
  7. Give your mask a name like “newbie.” A Few fun, friendly nebulizer maskscan be found here.
  8. Add an Easy Breathing Bandto your mask. It will allow a busy kiddo to move around and play freely. Breathing treatments no longer have to interrupt playtime and your life.
  9. What really matters and is the most important one is that you make your child understand why it is being done. If you do it just yourself and drag the young ones for the sake of getting over it, they won’t understand. But, once done do try to have them realize the importance. Educate them. This not only eases the trouble but also helps them make it a habit for future. After all you don’t want them to take allergy medicines for lifetime diseases. Better act now and with lifetime precautions.

 Author Bio:

 Saqib Khan, is an inquisitive blogger and loves to spread his knowledge. With a penchant for medical innovations and developments, Saqib’s new field of interest is herbal medicines. He is currently associated with top online medical pharmacy in Pakistan offering variety of Pathological & Herbal Medicines such as First Aid Box, Pain Killers, Birth Control Pills, Cough Medicine, etc.

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