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7 Tips for Installing an Access Control System in Your Business

Owners invest an awful lot of money in their business, but they often fail to assess the significant risks associated with security entirely. Crimes such as vandalism, shoplifting, and burglary are unfortunately common, and the risk for property loss is also increasing. These crimes cost businesses billions of dollars even though they can easily be prevented with smart access control.

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Businesses have begun to recognize the many advantages of a robust access control system. If chosen carefully, a well-functioning access control system can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

There are so many access control solutions in today’s competitive marketplace that it can be pretty challenging to find the right system for your business. So, here are some tips to guide you through the process of choosing the right access control system for your business.

1. Identify your Security Needs

Access control should be a flexible solution that helps you determine what you need to grow or scale back as required. So before you start comparing different access control systems, define your current security needs and set realistic future goals.

This may seem challenging, but once you identify the internal and external threats you want to avoid, you will have a clear idea of which access control system best suits the dynamic of your business operations, all the while ensuring maximum security of employees, your online data, and physical assets. It is also wise to formulate a budget as you are outlining your security needs – this way, you can screen your options accordingly.

2. Integrated Surveillance

With access control systems in place, you can benefit from integrated systems, which essentially are access controls combined with surveillance. There are plenty of features in integrated systems that ensure that all your data is highly protected – via data reporting, you can determine who is accessing what information at a given time. Such real-time updates and integrated surveillance can be incredibly effective in improving security.

Combining systems also has the great advantage of reducing your operating costs by a significant margin and maintaining the system. This makes it easier for you to manage your security solutions and customize your data reporting.

3. Does it sync with other security accessories?

Investing in layered security systems is the best way to safeguard your business. Implementing perimeter gates, incorporating a shooter detection system, and installing HDCCTV cameras are just a few examples of how synchronized security accessories can be highly effective. You cannot operate these devices without integrating them with your security software. So, choose an access control system that allows you to sync multiple devices and add additional layers of protection.

4. Invest in a Provider

Access control installation and security management are complex tasks. That’s why it’s crucial to get a consultation from a professional provider who can guide you to install and security support systems. First, establish your business goals and then work closely with a qualified access control professional to determine the best system for your business! An experienced provider can also advise you about what technology to invest in and which integrative solution is the best to support your business in the long term.

5. Choose Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control system technology is advancing each year, and these systems are becoming capable of improving and updating their software. Servers are kept safe off-site and are regularly maintained by external cloud security companies. They take good care of all equipment upgrades and ensure timely maintenance.

This frees up a lot of time – you no longer have to worry about the logistics and details of security systems; instead, you can dedicate more time to the other parts of your business. Whenever you need to make any changes, you can log onto the application and customize it accordingly.

6. It’s All About the Devices

When choosing access control systems for your business, you have the complete autonomy to decide how you would like to offer your personnel access to your secure facilities. You can opt for a more traditional approach by issuing every member a key card, or you can upgrade to an advanced biometric system. It depends on what is best for your company’s security needs.

The development of Bluetooth-enabled access controls has offered immense flexibility to businesses to manage security from their smartphone applications. Many companies are also adopting a two-factor identification process: a key card and a retina scan to give entry. These methods may be costly, but they are much more secure.

7. It Must Be User Friendly

Advanced access control systems are designed to make it as easy as possible to keep your business secure. You can manage, troubleshoot, and optimize your systems effectively. You’ll also be able to add employees and update their security clearance easily.

Final Thoughts

Security is an integral component of your business, so make sure you invest enough time and money to choose an access control system that offers unparalleled protection to your business. This will not only help protect your assets but will also keep your valuable and confidential information secure.

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