6-Channel DMX transmitter using a PIC18F24J10

Using the AN1076 application notes from microchip ChomationSystems put together a crafty DMX transmitter that could be used to demonstrate a simple DMX transmitter and to test DMX controlled lights.

The construction didn’t include PCB etching the circuit was simple enough to be done in a perfboard. The project comes with a 9-position DIP switch (actually 10 but only 9 were used) that would determine the offset of the starting address – this method makes it possible for the project to work with different offsets without reprogramming the PIC18F24J10 microcontroller.  6 Analog to digital (ADC) channels was used in conjunction with 6 slide potentiometers – similar to what we could see on graphic equalizers. An SN75176A RS-485 differential bus transmitter was used for the RS-485 interfacing. Ready to add the boom boom pow beat to year DMX lights?

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