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5 Natural Herbs To Consider For A Healthy Lifestyle

Every ailment such as cold, cough, headache, body pain has ready-made doctor-prescribed medication. Booking diagnostic tests and getting medicines is just a click and call away. The harsh pandemic has increased our dependence on OTC drugs for symptom relief. Inactive lifestyle, poor sleep, and at-home culture are increasing our stress and making us unhealthier.


You may love to grow mint and cinnamon in your garden, but have you ever considered using them for your health protection? Natural herbs not only make your food tastier but also boost your health. Medicinal plants have curative properties with no side effects. With the global citizens facing severe health problems from Coronavirus, it is important to adopt a preventative health approach for our combined safety. Let us know about some popular herbs that look after us and protect our health.

1. Kratom Has Calming And Sedative Powers

Inadequate exercise, an unhealthy lifestyle, and improper sleep are causing insomnia in young adults. Screen devices like smartphones, LED television, and laptops further aggravate sleep problems. Fatigue, mood disturbances, memory, and concentration hitches affect normal sleep.

Kratom strains are one of the best natural remedies for insomnia. Red Kratom improves your sleep cycle because of the high alkaloid amount that has analgesic properties. Take Red Bali strain in moderate quantities before going to sleep. Excessive Kratom dosage may kick you and delay your sleep. You may also take Gold Kratom for its relaxing and sedative properties. The internet has made Kratom sales widely available. Type where to buy kratom near me online on your search engine for ample options. 

How to consume: You may try Kratom leaves, capsules, powder, and tea. 

2. Cinnamon Is Anti-Diabetic

The cinnamon spice contains cinnamaldehyde that has medicinal properties. Its potent antioxidants fight body inflammation and help to lessen blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in the blood. It improves insulin hormone sensitivity and regulates body metabolism.


Human studies confirm cinnamon’s anti-diabetic effects. It helps to reduce fasting blood sugar levels by 10-29%. A cinnamon intake of 0.5 to 2 teaspoons a day is an effective dose to control diabetes. Cinnamon imparts a sweet taste to food without adding sugar. Put a few cinnamon sticks in your tea preparation in frosty winters to get a warm and cozy feeling.

How to consume: Ceylon cinnamon stick, Ceylon tea bags, cinnamon powder, cinnamon bark oil are promising ways to take cinnamon for your health and wellbeing. You can also sprinkle cinnamon in your breakfast cereals, yogurt, fruit, and stews.     

3. Turmeric Is Anti-Inflammatory.

This powerhouse spice and superfood works wonders on multiple fronts. It reduces muscular and Arthritis pain. A Johns Hopkins study showed a combination of chemotherapy drugs and curcumin to be more effective in lessening drug-resistant tumors.


The curcumin in turmeric has active medicinal properties. It decreases inflammation in the brain, improves memory, fights infections, coughs, and colds, and adds a unique flavor to a wide range of foods and beverages.

How to consume: Try canned beverages (turmeric juice), dairy products (turmeric milk), yogurt, or packaged snacks. Sprinkle raw turmeric on vegetables and curries while cooking to get the golden color to be.

4. Holy Basil Boosts Immunity

Holy Basil or Tulsi is a sacred herb that inhibits microbes, bacteria, and fungi. It enables immunity cells’ creation in the blood and calms anxiety and depression. Holy basil is high in antioxidants and fights free radical damage. It also helps to lower bad cholesterol.


The present-day ailments pose a serious risk to humans. Cold, cough, body pain, and infection affect all ages and gender. Holy Basil contains phytochemicals to prevent acute health problems like cancer. 

How to consume: Basil tea is a 365-day wellness beverage that increases your resistance to seasonal fever and infections. Add tulsi leaves to water to get its therapeutic effect. Holy basil tea bags are a good option for working professionals. Alternatively, drink a few drops of concentrated basil extract in warm water all day to increase your body resistance.

5. Ginger Fights Allergies And Nausea

Ginger herb finds tremendous use in Asian cultures to treat nausea, stomach upset, and gastric diarrhea. Its antihistamine qualities fight allergies, whereas the decongestant properties fight the common cold.


The pungent ginger root is effective in calming prenatal nausea. Ginger also reduces and prevents motion sickness symptoms. A ginger root is of tremendous benefit to nausea patients. When taken with anti-nausea medications, ginger root powder helps reduce the gravity of chemotherapy-prompted nausea symptoms in young adults and children.           

How to consume: Sip ginger in tea, add it to salad dressings, or include grated ginger in stir-fry dishes and baked foods.   

Final Verdict

Fresh or dried herbs are beneficial for your health. However, spicy fried food decreases the antioxidants level in meals. Consider microwave cooking and simmering options to improve the foods’ antioxidant value. Culinary herbs are not a replacement for your ongoing medicines but an add-on herbal remedy. Talk to your dietitian before including these herbs in your diet. Modern science, backed by research, has shown encouraging health benefits of natural herbs.

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