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3D Wire Mesh Generator – The High End 3D Font Rasterization System

Nowadays, there are many things have been converted into 3D system. Even though the 3D technology is quite common, but not every person has the chance to get in touch with it!

Honestly, you’re very lucky today, as we’re about to develop an ultimate 3D Wire Mesh Generator. For your information, the main purpose of the project is to build a hardware transformation unit and a 3D font rasterization system on the Cyclone II FPGA.

Rasterization sample

Isn’t the 3D font rasterization system sounds strange for you? Well, it’s actually the process of converting text from a vector description, such as from the TrueType fonts to a raster/bitmap description. Normally, it always involved the anti-aliasing on screen text, as it makes it smoother and easier to be read by the reader. Sometimes, it may involve hinting, which is the use of information precomputed for a particular font size!

Amongst the rasterization forms, the simple line drawing with no anti aliasing is regarded as the simplest and fastest method of all. In the meantime, the 3D Wire Mesh Generator is being used to proportionally control the camera position and orientation with a 3-degree freedom of movement.

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