32bit single board computer on 68HC000

While looking for better performance than 8 bit microcontrollers Wichit Sirichote have constructed 32bit single board computer on old 68HC000 chip. He spend couple of months to finish his project and made quite powerful kit that is capable to run embedded linux.



Computer board features 68HC000 32 bit microcontroller running at 8 MHz speed, 256kB of FLASH memory and 256kB of SRAM. Other features include:

  • GPIO: 8-bit output port, 8-bit input port,

  • UART: 6850 9600 8n1,

  • RTC: DS12887,

  • Glue logic: DTACK, memory/io decoder, Xilink XC9572 CPLD,

  • Monitor program: zBug V1.0 for 68000-Based Single Board Computer.

There is also CPLD Xilinx 9572 used in board computer for decoding memory and generating necessary logic signals. Author intended to use this board to run GCC compiler. If you want to give a try – all files are available for download, but keep in mind that it is not easy project for beginners.

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