320×240 color LCD with touchscreen controlled by AVR

320×240 is quite big screen that can fit many interesting projects. Especially if control is done via touchscreen. Well controlling such LCD require some control. Patrick have been developing Hitachi TX14D11VM1CAA control software for Atmega162 and recently he released first release.



Display is controlled by S1D13705 LCD controller while touch screen values are read with LTC1298(ADC). Atmega162 board also can read Compact Flash card information(including image drawing) and present it on LCD screen. You can download zipped project from AVRFreaks or from authors page when it will be available.

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  1. I already used S1D13705 LC Dcontroller for monochrmme . Now i want to use it for color LCD.
    AVR color LCD project i am not able to down load from avrfreaks or either from authors site.

    Can any body help to get this code for color LC Dwith hardware interface.


  2. Probably you should contact author to correct download link.

  3. progrom color lcd “tcb8000c” with avr?

  4. hello
    may you send me example graphic lcd project with avr in codevision compiler pdf format
    tanks regard

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