21st Century Sundial – The Combination of Ancient and Modern!

Although it’s already 21st century, but is nothing wrong to build a sundial, isn’t it? If you think it’s impossible to combine the ancient and modern technologies together, then you should read on this article…

As you can see on the above figure, this is the finest combination of the 21st century and ancient time technology! Go figure, what would be the ancient people say, if they found out this incredible 21st century sundial? Yeah, they might be impressed of it!


This project is built around an Atmel Attiny24 with crystal for better accuracy. The internal RC oscillator could be calibrated, but the precision can be easily achieved from crystal quartz! The whole project is quite simple, as you’re only need these following components, which as:

  1. Micro with Crystal and capacitors,
  2. The LASER,
  3. The transistor,
  4. The servo, and
  5. The power supply.

The 21st century sundial project should be placed on the open space, especially on the white color wall, as the LASER is mounted on a RC servo and being projected onto the wall by a microcontroller. The microcontroller is responsible to keep the time and turn the RC servo respectively.

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