Atmega8 dev board – nearly breadboard

Prototyping is essential when developing new microcontroller projects. If prototype isn’t very complex then a simple breadboard setup can be fine or convenient development board with easy connections. The board is pretty simple with only few common components. Probably the most interesting and handy thing in it is that there are 3 through-hole connectors dedicated for each MCU pin. It also has all standard parts like power LED, reset button, SPI. This board can be a fast kick in – especially for MCU starters. Continue reading

Smallest and cheapest 32bit 3D game console with sound

Wells as title says it is really impressive work that is based on one of the smallest ARM Cortex M0 LPC111x microcontroller that is priced around $1. With only few components like resistors, capacitors and crystal it is able to produce 256 color 320×240 composite or s-video signal and 8bit 15kHz stereo audio. Game can be controlled with one analog joystick. The most fun part is that graphics can be run in 3D along with sound. Source for the LPCXpresso/Eclipse project is posted on Enjoy! Continue reading

Water valve controller on a minty box

If you want to have nice green and dense lawn it isn’t enough to move it, but you also need to water it at regular basis especially on hot summer days. You can do this manually, or leave it to a water valve controller, that can be programmed to do this task for you. It is an Arduino based water valve controller that is capable to control valve solenoid and even accept remote RF commands. Watering valve needs +/- 24V, so there is an additional Dc/DC step-up converter used which rises voltage from Li-Poly 3.6V to acceptable voltage for opening solenoid. All that fun is placed inside a minty box which is very popular casing among hobbyists. As result you get a small useful device that may release you from… Continue reading

DIY smart TV remote

Remotes controls are part of our lives and they don’t change much in functionality. In order to change channel or volume you still have to press a button. In this project a different approach is used. Instead of pushing buttons there is a ultrasonic sensor used which measures distance from TV and thus sends different signals. This way channels and volume are changed depending on sensor reading. It is enough to wave hand above sensor and it’s done. Or you can turn OF/OFF by putting hand close (~5cm) to sensor. Well this remote control is quite limited as it is only able to change channels, volume and power.  If you need more functionality then there is the only way – do more hand moving patterns within detection range as it… Continue reading

Steampunk Arduino watch

Watch on your wrist can tell much about your personality. So why not to make something extraordinary, like building Arduino based analog watch that looks really cool? It takes quit some components that can be purchased mainly on SparkFun: where main parts are Arduino Mini Pro 328 – 3.3V/8MHz; 4D Systems OLED Module 1.5″ (128×128 pixels); 1 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Polymer. Running clock only on Arduino would be a mistake, so it also can accept various extensions like Range finder or temperature sensor as well. So don’t afraid to be different with this steampunked watch. Continue reading