Very simple PIC16F/18F DIY board

Market is flooded with lots of cheap development boards. So why build another one. There can be many reasons – but probably mos common is the feeling that project is build from bottom to top. Sometimes DIY method allows building what you actually need and even save some money once you have tools available. Picprojects shared pretty simple and versatile PIC16F/18F development board which has everything you need to build projects or learn programming PIC microcontrollers.


The minimalistic board design has all headers brought out, linear power regulator, ICSP programmer header, couple programmable LEDs. Eagle CAD files are available if you decide to make one.

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  1. can i use this dev. board to replace the board shown in the link below . do i need to make any changes to the hex. files?

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  2. Could you be more specific which board you want to replace with.

  3. I think this won’t work as PIC16F877 is 40 pin microcontroller and board above uses 28 pin chip. If you have source code you might be able to adapt it by doing minor changes and recompiling. Of course don’t take my word for granted as it may need deeper look at this.

  4. thank you

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