Upgrade your workshop with reflow soldering station

Pleasanthardware have posted a project of reflow controller. Having in mind that there is no run away from SMT electronics he decided to modify a toaster oven so it could be used for this noble purpose.

He bought a toaster oven from local market and hacked it by adding Attiny45 based temperature controller. It measures temperature by using 100k thermistor connected to ADC input. Heater is controlled with mechanical relay. So this is pretty simple set up. Main trick is to get temperatures right and timings as well. Controller goes through following routines:

  1. heat up to 150°C
  2. hold this temperature for 40 seconds
  3. heat up to 190°C
  4. hold this temperature for 10 seconds
  5. heat up for 245°C
  6. hold this temperature for 10 seconds
  7. cool down

Project is open so why not to start building one for yourself?

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