Top 20 Mobile Apps That Support Students in the Trickiest Situations

Every college student use help at school in some way or another. With technology advancing every year, shouldn’t there be high-tech help available for you? There is! Through mobile app downloads, you can have the best help you need while going to school. Take a look at some examples below!

1. WolframAlpha

If you have a question about pretty much anything, just ask this app. Through a series of algorithms and data, its knowledge engine can pull up accurate answers from a variety of sources. It can even give you explicit instructions on how it has concluded the answers. This is perfect for studying and working on assignments!

2. EasyBib

Save time for creating book references in bibliographies by using this app. You can have it format your references in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. All you have to do is to scan the book’s barcode!

3. Safety Apps

It’s important to remain safe both on and off campus. Safety apps allow you to stay connected with friends and locate each other whenever you are lost or need help. All you have to do is to press the button to ask your friends for help and a GPS tracker will mark your location on your friends’ devices – making sure you’re always safe! Some of these apps include Circle of Six, Bugle, React Mobile and bSafe.

4. Lecture Capture Apps

These apps allow you to record your class lectures through your iPad or mobile device without needing expensive recording equipment so you never miss what is said and can refer back to it later. Some apps can include Lecture Capture, Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder, SoundNote, and Notes Plus.

5. Dropbox

Organize any of your educational content – documents, videos, photos, and more – on any of your devices. You can sync and add files and access them on the go while sharing them with other people. This is perfect when you take notes on a tablet and need to transfer them to a computer or are working on a group assignment.

6. Wake-up Apps

It’s hard for students to get good sleep at night which can cause them to oversleep in the morning and be late. Wake-up apps have been created to help you wake up on time by incorporating alarms that require you to perform tasks such as shaking the phone up-and-down or taking a photo to stop it. Other apps help correct your sleeping pattern by waking you during your lightest sleep phase which it calculates by your movement the time you went to sleep. That way, you wake up on time and feel refreshed. Some apps include Sleep Cycle and Alarmy: Sleep if You Can.

7. Evernote

Stay optimally organized by using this app with features to create notes, take photos, record voice reminders, create to-do lists, and more that can be synced with multiple devices.

8. Student Planner Apps

Keep yourself organized and free of having to carry paper note reminders with a student planner app that will also send reminders and alerts straight to your phone or device. Some of these apps include Class Timetable, Timetable, and My Class Schedule.

9. iTunes U

Have access to assorted coursework and assignments from leading universities like Yale and Stanford through a huge digital catalog of educational content that’s free via this app. You can use the material to take notes and share with other students, perfect for studying and gathering assignment information!

10. Period Table

This app is geared more towards students in science and chemistry classes. With this app, you can use videos and podcasts to help you learn about the elements of the periodic table. You can go through different levels of data so you are not overwhelmed.

11. CamScanner

If you don’t have time to sit down and read a book or study at the library for long, you can use this app to take your reading material with you anywhere you go. With the simple scan of text on a page, the content will be digitally formatted to convert into a JPEG file or PDF that can be stored in the cloud, printed, or delivered via fax!

12. GradeProof

Start scoring higher on your papers and essays by improving your writing with this app. You can identify intricate grammatical issues that other writing apps don’t normally detect, and you get sentence-by-sentence directions on how to improve your overall writing style.

13. Office Lens

Take pictures of whiteboards, documents, blackboards, receipts, magazines, and more that can be converted into a text format that is shareable and editable. If you’re sitting at the side of a classroom, glares and shadows will be cleaned up so the imagery is picture-perfect for PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files.

14. Dragon Dictation

Stop wasting time writing your notes; start voice recording them. With this app, you can speak into your phone as you read and your spoken words will be formatted into a text that can be shared and emailed to you. That way, you can take notes as you read and cut down the time required to type up a paper.

15. Studious

Stay on track with homework due dates and upcoming exams by using a tracker with this app for quick organizing and reminding. You can even add assignments with the quick shake of your mobile device. Also, you have the capability to jot down brief notes and email your teachers.

16. Quizlet

Improve your studying skills with Quizlet. Create your own personalized flashcards with audio, imagery, and text content or take advantage of already user-created quizzes that vary across any topic you can think of. With the straightforward interface, the setup process is easy and doesn’t take much time!

17. Microsoft Office

Microsoft is now available as a mobile app and it includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Outlook. Store and create documents that can be adapted to both your mobile and computer. Email an attachment or link for collaboration and have your documents ready to be accessed whenever you need it.

18. Mendeley

With this app, you can collaborate with classmates and manage research citations for your writing. It allows you to annotate and search journal articles that are often required for higher education. You can even sync your phone with a computer to help keep you organized.

19. Free Graphing Calculator

This app is amazing for anyone who needs to perform math or statistical work. Instead of carrying around a scientific calculator, you can use this app. It can perform all the functions of a scientific calculator such as graphing equations, parametric equations, and embedded functions.

20. Zombies, Run!

At the end of a hard school day, you may want to relieve stress by working on your fitness. A good stress relieving activity for fitness is running. However, running might not be fun for you. Good news for you is that you can make running fun with this app. Select the music you want to listen to and the apps audio recording will project a zombie apocalypse scenario accompanied to your tunes. Have fun running away from the flesh-eating zombies while you run and jam out!

With all these handy apps, you’ll be fully prepared to handle your college tasks, deadlines, papers, and more. If you feel that you still have no time to complete an assignment on your own, you can ask a writing service like to help you out and create a sample paper that will assist you.

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