The Low Cost and Efficient S65-Shield

Does anyone here ever hear about S65-Shield before? If you haven’t, then you should pay attention and read the whole article.

For your information, S65-Shield is a very incredible tool. It compatibles and work fine with Arduino Dumilanove or Diecimila.


Don’t judge the S65-Shield based on its appearance. It seems like a very small gadget, but actually, there are many components have been included inside the tool, such as:

  1. A 3.3V, 10V LED-Backlight Power management system,
  2. A 176×132 16 bit S65 Display for a higher and better resolution,
  3. Micro SD socket,
  4. Expansion port for wireless transceiver purpose, and
  5. A rotary encoder.

The most interesting part about the S65-Shield is it operates via a rotary encoder, which is much better and efficient than the individual buttons. With this feature, it enables the S65-Shield to transform into an intuitive user interface with incredibly fast input.

If you think that this S65-Shield is going to cost you over hundreds of dollars, then you can relax here. This S65-Shield is only costing you 35 euros each. Or, you might want to find it yourself at the Ebay for about 10 euros, but the connections is very tricky and you have to modify several things by yourself! [link to translated version]

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  1. where is possible to buy a S65 shield

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