The Cool Nano GPS Logger – Your Smart GPS Personal Tracker Assistant

Have you always being curious about your daily road trip, especially the actual journey length from your home to the working office? Well, there is a good way to fulfill your curiosity, and the thing you need here is this Nano GPS Logger.

The function of this Nano GPS logger is to stores the coordinates, altitude and speed into an EEPROM. It does require software to converts the EEPROM data into the .kml (Google Earth format).

This GPS logger can be used for the snowboarding, FPV flights, trial bike and hiking purposes

As you seen, this GPS logger allows the user to record and converts the road trip from your working place to home.

This concept is based on the GPS Engine Board (GPS FV-M8 Module), which it’s commonly used as a part of integrated system. This FV-M8 can be the best components for user system and it’s compatible with most of the mobile devices, example like PND (Personal Navigation Device), GPS, PDA, personal tracker or any kind of devices that need the sophisticated GPS features.

Some of the characteristic for this FV-M8 are:

  1. The 32 parallel channels
  2. It’s high tolerant sensitivity up to -158dbm
  3. 5Hz Update Rate

The Low power consumption

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