Share printer while computer is off

This is great idea that came up to Serasidis Vasilis. And for sure this is great solution when you share printer or other USB device from one computer to another. The problem is that sharing computer has to always on in order to be able to share the device. So why not to use this USB switch that enables sharing USB devices when sharing computer is OFF. Device is quite simple – software based ATtiny2313 USB controller which communicates with one of two PC’s that have proper drivers installed and control programs started. USB switching is done via relays that won’t affect USB signal quality. Project description is in Greek language, so why not to use an online translator. Continue reading

AVR based generic infrared transceiver

The idea of this universal IR remote transceiver (code name unzap) came from famous TV-B-Gone universal TV-off remote. Remote control can be used to turn off any TV on your way. The board is small but includes an Atmega168, a USB port, a 2MB Atmel data flash (for storing all sorts of codes), a learning mechanism (which can detect the correct carrier frequency), four buttons (selecting transmitter and learning mode, enable USB, …) and four powerful IR LEDs. Continue reading

One-hand wearable keyboard with USB interface

The latest keyboard version is an evolution of older one which was based on ATtiny2313 and could be connected to PC via PS/2 and was based on Attiny2313 microcontroller. Latest wearable keyboard is ported to at90usbkey demo board and can be connected to PC via USB. Keyboard is able to produce all usual characters with few keys that are pressed in groups. It may be convenient to use it on special conditions like for portable computers, palmtops and so on. If you want to study it more John W. McKown provides project files and compiled firmware for free. Continue reading

Multipurpose tiny AVR microcontroller board

Raph has designed this board for NES/SNES controllers to USB, but it found place in many more projects due to its small size and easy to use. This board is only 27.5×17.7mm size and is equipped with Atmega8 microcontroller. Circuit is already adapted for Firmware-Only USB Driver from Objective development including 12MHz resonator. Also there are several I/O pins available for custom programming. Because board it self is double sided, there is a place for SMD voltage regulator. Check out following projects where tiny board was used: X2Wii: N64, SNES or NES Gamepad to Gamecube/Wii adapter USBTenki: USB-connected temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. Infra-red receiver for Kenwood keyboard Gamecube/Nintendo 64 controller to USB adapter Four NES and/or SNES controllers to USB adapter Atari style joystick/controller to USB adapter Board is … Continue reading