Google talk for Raspberry Pi not only for chat

Google talk uses XMPP protocol for communicating. With a piece of code that supports it you can do lots of fun things. If you ever tried web chat robots, you already know that software in other end is able to receive messages, process them and give response. Mitch decided to build one of these web-robots to be used on Raspberry Pi. As we already know, everything cool and simple that runs on RasPi is based on Python.

And so setup uses several Python modules to make this happen. These are GPIO, xmpppy and pydns. All you need is to pass Google account credentials in order to log in. Script understands simple commands like “pinon 10” which means turn #10 pin on Raspberry Pi. Once you get this working, there are several usages of gtalk based robot. On could be home automation. By simply sending messages you could control devices, get response and receive alerts. Another scenario could be remote shell where through Google talk you could run shell commands remotely. And third discussed use case is remote reboot of frozen servers. This could be assigned to home automation classification. If you use google talk a lot, then having web-robot next to it could be fun and useful.

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