Freelance time tracker

When working on some projects you will definitely loose sense and track of time unless you have “Freelance Puncher”. Raphael tired of looking for convenient way of tracking time spent on his freelance projects so he built a PIC16LF1827 time tracker which looks like detonator…

It has a single button which toggles timer. Couple seven segment LED displays indicate hours spent on a project and also there are seven smt LEDs that indicate quarter and hundreds of hours. So you can track really long projects with it. Time information is stored inside microcontrollers EEPROM memory. Its open source project build one and you’ll probably find more uses of it.

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  1. Hey,

    Nice sharing of this time tracker tool. We had been using Replicon’s time tracking web application which is an hassle-free way to get the data needed to manage projects, allowing one to better allocate resources, manage expectations, and ensure projects are completed according to plan.

  2. Interesting, tracking time for a freelancer is essential where you can bill clients easily and get paid. There are also lots of different time tracking tool all over the internet that can be use. With the help of time tracking tools freelancers manage time effectively and efficiently. This way they can do different tasks on a limited time. Here are more alternative tools that can help you track time. Using this tool it can track time accurately even when working on different tasks.

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