DIY RFID tag can learn the code

Since usage of RFID tags is popular, there are many enthusiasts who try to mimic them for good (learning) and of course for hacking. Additional RF tag may be used as backup solution if original isn’t near by. Anyway following RFID emulator is something more than regular RFID tag clone. It supports several standards including EM4100, TK5551, Verichip with data transfer speeds from 8 to 256 cycles for bit and is passive – powered only from antenna coil.

Tag is based on small PIC 12F683 microcontroller. The most interesting feature of this tag that it can learn code automatically. All is needed is placing it near reader with “Learn” button pressed while another tag is activated and code is captured. Tag even has a LED that indicates if tag is programmed successfully. Project has great documentation, where you will be able to build one and learn few things along the process.

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  1. Nice project, i already try it, works perfect.

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