Automatic pendulum clock adjust

Some time ago pendulum clocks were popular. They are great to learn physics law and tell the time. The work of these clocks is based on swing of pendulum with some mass positioned at some distance. By varying this distance the swing period can be adjusted. And this is where interesting part begins – how to adjust clock so it was accurate…

Automatic pendulum clock adjust

Keith created quite a project around his grandfather clock. He used an Arduino which measures pendulum swings using magnetic sensor. In other hand Arduino also reads 60Hz from wall power supply. This data allows software to decide weather clock is too fast or too slow. And depending on situation a small metal plate on bottom of swing is moved up or down to give a kick with magnetic force. Well relying on wall power supply frequency isn’t the best solution, because it fluctuates during time. So there is an option to attach RTC chip instead and have way more accurate track of time and do better adjustments.

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