APDuino – fast way of monitoring Arduino sensors

Arduino is already easy to program in order to read sensors, generate signals and control devices. Anyway this still needs some programming skills. If you only need to have an easy and fast access to peripherals without need to program, you should consider using APDuino.

APDuino is a two sided project – APDuinoOS which is a software running inside Arduino and APDuino Online where web-services talk to Arduino using Ethernet shield. It is capable to do more than reading sensors – it allows to run scheduler, timers and rules that are great for home automation. With APDuino it is possible to log data to various destinations like SD card, or online sinks like cosm, thingspeak, apduino online and even twitter. Using JSON data access to device status you can build custom device web interface. There is already prepared app for Arduino Mega2560 which you can simply flash and see it working.

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