A web server for every cat!

Cats love when you take care of them. It is better not to forget feeding time. Another question is what cats do when we are not home? Tris found this interesting topic and so he started a PiPurr project. This is a Raspberry Pi based webserver which allows taking care of cat when you are away. Even more it gives a visual feedback of what’s going on around.


Python based webserver gives access to webcam. You can capture a picture at any time and see on your screen. This is achieved using OpenCV. Also it is possible to play sounds remotely. This gives cat some attention. And lastly treat. Cats love treats. So there is a stepper motor controlled treat dispenser. Tris developed a special Android client app which allows accessing all features in a handy form. The feature list of PiPurr isn’t over yet. There are plans to add laser pointer to entertain the cat and implement live video stream. And of course why limit yourself with a cat. I see this should also work with any domestic pet.

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