8x8x8 LED cube with audio input

You can find lots of 8x8x8 Led cube projects. They are pretty easy to build, but fun begins when writing software starts. There anyone can express themselves in different ways. And so Thomas, Max and Felix built their 8x8x8 LED cube project which has something different than others.

It has some regular parts you can find in almost any LED cube. These are Atmega32 microcontroller and eight 8-bit latches for actual LED addressing. You won’t get far from this method. Well another part of schematic include 1Mbit FRAM memory interfaces via I2C interface. This is where graphics, patterns and animations are stored. Another part include audio input from MSGEQ7. Memory and audio control tasks are taken by another dedicated Atmega8 microcontroller. It then sends processed data and control commands to main microcontroller using TWI interface. They also written a Java program that allows visual creation of 3D effects and animations and then loading in to memory as frames. So this is another great inspiring project if you are looking to build one.

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