The Rotating LED POV Display

You have probably seen many assorted rotating LED displays and maybe, you’re lack of interest about it! Well, don’t be so sure first, as there are many bizarre and unusual things in the electronics world… Check out the above figure, isn’t the rotating LED POV display seems to be so cool? Honestly, this rotating LED POV display is a little bit different than the others, as it’s one well constructed device that comes with very solid construction. Furthermore, it can display multiple colors at the same time. For your information, the project is based on a MAX233 RS232 level converter and is connected to the motor with three short M3 bolts. There is a main switch, where is enable the power go on to the rotating board, so that you … Continue reading

Illuminato, 100% GNU GPL’d Open Source Hardware

If you refer to the above figure, you’ll see this Illuminato is based on an ATmega645, as it claimed has twice the code space and much faster code download speed. Have a closer look on the Illuminato! You will notice that there is a row of gold-lined aerodynamic holes at the right hand side of the board. Well, the gold-lined holes are responsible to reduce drag when the board flies over 200 mph, and it also double as in-circuit programming pins. This Illuminato also has 42 I/O pins and 64K code space for bigger DIY projects. It also has a 16MHz oscillating crystal as well. The best part about the Illuminato is it 100% GNU GPL’d Open Source! It’s extremely fun to develop this Illuminato, especially if you’re building it … Continue reading