The Parallel Tetris Game Will Entertain You!

If you born in 70s and 80s, you’ll probably one of those Tetris game players that spent a big portion of time everyday, just to create the highest game record and conquer the game. Do you know that Tetris is actually a puzzle video game, which it’s designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in June 1985? The Tetris name is derived from the Greek numerical prefix “tetra-” and tennis, Pajitnov’s favorite sport! Instead of playing the Tetris alone, this parallel Tetris can double up the fun! This idea is to have each player playing the game on his own screen, by simply using the PS/2 keyboard for input. The interest part about this parallel Tetris, when one of the players has cleared his/her lines on the game, his/her opponent would … Continue reading

Illuminato – The 100% GNU Open Source Hardware!

If you want to have a stylish and deluxe Arduino that compatible with the open source, you’ve came to the right place. The project that we’re going to discuss here is about the Illuminato – the elegant and able-bodied open source gadget. This Illuminato using the ATMega645, where it has twice the code space and much faster code download speed than other ATmegas. The main purpose of this project is to keep the Arduino in shape and in the same time, it can allow to work with the TouchShield Slide, Stealth and other shields without any further medications. If you refer to the above figurine, you can see a row of gold-lined aerodynamic holes up at the front of the board server. It has two functions, which as: It can … Continue reading

This RDS Decoder Project Will Light Up Your Day!

You’re always wanted to build a RDS decoder, but you’re afraid that it won’t work for you here? Well, you don’t have to worry about it, as you’ll have the chance to develop a RDS decoder today! RDS is the short acronym for “Radio Data System” or RDS is a communication protocol standard from the European Broadcasting Union for sending small amounts of digital information using conventional FM radio broadcasts. The use of more and more frequencies for radio programmes in the VHF/FM range made it increasingly difficult to tune a conventional radio to a desired programme. This kind of difficulty is being solved with the Radio Data System (RDS) that has been on the market since 1987. Whether you believe it or not, the RDS has by now conquered … Continue reading

Arduino Based Robotic Wooden Labyrinth Game

Labyrinth is a very challenging game, where you can compete with your family and friends anytime, anywhere you want. However, if you think that it’s quite dull to play the ordinary Labyrinth, then how about this Arduino based robotic wooden Labyrinth game? This project doesn’t cost you too much, where with around $60 or less, you can build a great Arduino Labyrinth. Actually, it’s the ideal project to start with, if you want to learn about robotics. This game is using two servos and an Arduino to turn the knobs for moving the game surface. By the way, if you already have the Xbox360 game controller, then you only need to program it and modify it to suit with the Labyrinth game, instead of buying it on the market. If … Continue reading

The Multifunctional 650KSPS Digital GLCD Oscilloscope

For those that always needed to read the signal voltages waves, and then oscilloscope is the essential tool for you to enable the signal to be viewed in waveforms! However, it can be a very frustrating moment, if you cannot find the suitable Digital oscilloscope to help you off in this matter. For your information, Walter LeCroy invented the first Digital oscilloscope after he had producing the high-speed digitizers for the research center CERN in Switzerland. Even until today, LeCroy is remaining as one of the three largest manufacturers of oscilloscopes in the world! Digital oscilloscope became prevalent in the 1980s. Most of the digital storage oscilloscopes use a fast analog-to-digital converter and memory chips to record and how a digital representation of a waveform. Hence, it’s more flexibility for … Continue reading