10 coolest gadgets of 2017

High technology gadgets are embraced in the current market with almost everyone going digital. The booming business to the new migration and rapid evolvement in the sector is attributed by the need to enhance efficiency. The trend is in a linear progression with anticipated growth in the futures dates. The year 2017 has been welcomed with new innovations in various sectors of the economy. The communication, farming, household cleaning and manufacturing sectors have not been left out in this progress. There is fresh perspective in the manner in which high tech gadgets are viewed. A research conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that ownership of smartphones and other digital gadgets have risen to 68% compared to 53% in the previous year. Furthermore, the report indicates an increase of demand for the high technology devices to perform various activities at homestead level and even at organizational status.

A report released by Price WaterhouseCoopers shows that the corporate world is appreciating Robotic Process Automation, covering 32% of the global market. Essentially, more inventions are established as the time progresses by.  One of the companies which has assimilated the current technology and featured its capability to manage the same is Grey Technology (Gtech). It specializes in manufacturing home and garden appliances such as garden tools and vacuum cleaners. The company embraces discount codes which suits the retailers and they are able to save on purchases. This is a great way to incentivize and therefore paramount to check from the sites on various Gtech promotional codes. With that said, we list down the 10 coolest gadgets unveiled in the year 2017.

Credit Card Sized Computer

While some computers are designed in such a way for facilitating future upgrade, Intel has come up with mini-sized gadgets that can be plugged to digital gadgets such as refrigerators. The idea behind this is to upgrade the smart devices preventing buying new devices. Essentially, it has similar aspects of a standard computer such as processor, memory and storage.

PowerRay Aquatic drone

This sounds like the best fit for the fishermen. Sonar system detects the fish and sends back the image on the screen with where the operator can be able to focus on their location. The device is fitted with 4cameras with a capability of 12 megapixels still. The new gadget has been cited as the pathfinder.

LG Watch Sport

LG has rather build momentum in the world of android. Apart from designing quality phones, it has also come up with android watches which are light. Running Android Wear 2.0, the smart watches are able to operate some software used by a normal phone. The impressive technology is intruding into the market and more designs are infiltrating due to the surging demand.

Samsung Galaxy 8

This came after the introduction of Galaxy S7 which was attributed to some challenges with its operating systems. The advantages of the new one have been cited to lie in its long battery life, great camera with high-resolution power and dazzling screen. The curved screen makes it adept at displaying movies.

Super pedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

It might look like a normal wheel but has an integrated technology which controls the cycling. The wireless sensors connect to the data crunching and the cyclist is able to control the ride at specific times. It has also regenerative brakes which add to efficiency. If you are looking for such power pact ebikes without breaking the bank, you can get yours effortlessly using Gtech promotional codes.

LG Signature W-Series

TV manufacturers face an impossible task of to improve visual displays of the TV. Consumers expect fantastic experience while watching movies Signature W-series provides display that blend seamlessly into their living room. It is able to accomplish the task masterfully.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

This is the first one for the window manufacturers. It runs a battery efficient operating system referred to as window 10s. The company is aiming to produce $999 surface laptops by the end of the year. Together, then surface laptops are willing to mix things up in the notebook world for the benefit of the consumers.

Razer Project Valerie

When using a laptop, one screen is not enough to engage in gaming. Why not include two or three screens? Razer project Valerie is the solution to this. Additional screens expand from the primary screen in the center. An individual screen can be used independently or used as one giant screen. This helps in multitasking functionality.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

These speakers are slightly cheaper alternative for Amazon echo. It has eight microphones which are able to pick speech at a distanced of 16 feet. It is also ideal for playing music and answering question sessions. The standard speaker goes for $130.

Asus Zenfone AR

Asus is betting in the near future phones will have more functionality rather than gaming and other general purpose. As the name suggest, the phone is built with augmented virtual reality. It supports two platforms created by Google i.e. Tango and Daydream. This means it is able to detect depth, changes in the surrounding and track motion.

Choosing to move with the changes in technology is the best option in the current market. Organizations such as Gtech have been in the forefront championing for improved gadgets which are able to work more efficiently and save time. Not unless we fit in the changes, the growth rate in the technology world might overtake our pace of adoption. More advancements are expected in the near future.

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